27 Themes are upgraded to Opencart 2.0.1

Opencart 2.0 series comes with a lot of improvement and new features in both functionality and User Interface (UI). We have upgraded totally 27 themes to be compatible with Opencart 2.0.1 over 1 month of hard-working, its amazing work from the Production team.

Work hard, good result to come

In the past 1 month, we only focus on Opencart 2.0 upgrade task, the highest priority task so all resources are used for the task and we are very pleased with the process of the project.

From now, the Pavotheme team will be divided into 2 teams, one team will continue working on the upgrade task and the other will work on monthly theme.

Opencart Themes – Pavothemes

Name Version Status
Pav Megashop 2.0.1
Pav Pharmacy 2.0.1
Pav FoodGood 2.0.1
Pav SportShop 2.0.1
Pav Styleshop 2.0.1
Pav OneShop 2.0.1
Pav Fashion 2.0.1
Pav Digital Store 2.0.1
Pav Cosmetics 2.0.1
Pav Furniture 2.0
Pav Floral 2.0.1
Pav Clothes 2.0
Pav Food Store 2.0.1

Opencart Themes – ThemeLexus

Name Version Status
Lexus Haircare 2.0.1
Lexus Shopping Pro 2.0.1
Lexus Maxxshop 2.0.1
Lexus BagsStore 2.0.1
Lexus GentShop 2.0.1
Lexus Exist Combo 2.0.1
Lexus SuperStore 2.0
Lexus PowerGame 2.0.1
Lexus YourStyle 2.0.1
Lexus NextStore 2.0.1
Lexus Active Time 2.0.1
Lexus Stores 2.0.1
Lexus Royal 2.0.1
Lexus GiftStore 2.0.1
Lexus HappyCook 2.0.1
Lexus Mobile 2.0 WIP
Lexus Mega Shop 2.0

Please let us know if your theme urgently needs upgrading, we would put it in high priority in the upgrade theme list.

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