opencart 2.0 upgrade plan

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Today we are so exited to announce the releases of 30+ Opencart themes upgraded to Opencart (Check detailed changelog of Opencart You can now upgrade your site to the new version but please make sure you take full backup of your site before upgrading. Here is the release details:

Halloween promotion

Ready for Halloween? Here at Pavothemes we have prepared a great Halloween Promotion. Chances to get 40+ great Opencart themes for only $55 thanks to Bloody Halloween Promotion

How to Use Opencart filter?

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opencart filters

Next topic in our Opencart 2.0 tutorial series is about Opencart Filters. Filter is a key feature in Opencart, it allows your users to filter products according to their references. Opencart Filter is very flexible search tool and easy to extend or customize to meet users requirement and help users find products they want. The filter can even display searching options differently in each page based on content of the page.

seo notes for 2015

SEO is one of the most important aspects in your site but SEO world is always changing so it’s requires us to get our site update to meet the new changes. Now, let’s take a look in the notes of SEO in 2015.

Opencart Layout all about

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opencart layout-concept

Next topic in our Opencart 2.0 tutorial series is about Opencart layout concept. In this tutorial, we will give you basic understand about one of the most important section in Opencart - Layout. We will base on Opencart 2.0 as it’s the latest version with new UI and features, the workflow is almost the same in Opencart 1.5.

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