seo notes for 2015

SEO is one of the most important aspects in your site but SEO world is always changing so it’s requires us to get our site update to meet the new changes. Now, let’s take a look in the notes of SEO in 2015.

opencart layout-concept

Next topic in our Opencart 2.0 tutorial series is about Opencart layout concept. In this tutorial, we will give you basic understand about one of the most important section in Opencart - Layout. We will base on Opencart 2.0 as it’s the latest version with new UI and features, the workflow is almost the same in Opencart 1.5.

release opencart themes

Hi guys,

Today we would like to announce the release of 3 new multi purposes responsive Opencart themes for Fashion, Digital, Furniture, Gift and Jewelry store: Pav Minimo, Pav Summershop and Lexus Motozz. Here is some quick info of the 3 themes:

opencart 2.0 upgrade plan

Hi guys,

Today we released 40+ Opencart themes upgraded to Opencart You can now upgrade your site to the new version but please make sure you take full backup of your site before upgrading. Here is the release details:

Opencart on-page optimization

SEO is one of the most important part in any online business web site, a good SEO optimized website will help increase your traffic and then boost your sales. There are tons of SEO techniques, in this blog, we will focus on the most important one: On-page optimization, this includes the 5 items below:

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