assign module to a position

Opencart is one of the most powerful ecommerce platform, it allows you to build layout your way, assign module to any position in the layout. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add module to a layout and assign it to a position in the layout. Let’s get started.

Opencart is a powerful ecommerce platform, it allows you to extend functionality. In this tutorial, we will show you how to setup configurable products using Options, in other words, how to use Options to set up different variations of the same product without creating different products. It means that you can set up configurable products in the front­-end, then user can choose between the different variations available on the product page.

launching opencart custom work services

Hello 2015. This year we working to improve our customer service, bring more benefit to our members, we are launching Opencart Custom Work Services to help our members to finish their projects on time and with assured quality. To make sure we can handle the custom work, we limit custom requests of 10 requests a day.

opencart 2.0 upgrade plan

Opencart 2.0 series comes with a lot of improvement and new features in both functionality and User Interface (UI). We have upgraded totally 27 themes to be compatible with Opencart 2.0.1 over 1 month of hard-working, its amazing work from the Production team.

oepncart page builder

Web development changes everyday and its becoming more flexible but simpler for user. Everything becomes visual to make sure any user can master it and that leads us to create Page Builder for Opencart.

In short, Page Builder is to help you create page and layout easier just in minutes with drag and drop feature. The intuitive interface shows you how your page will look like in front page. The page builder supports a lot of widgets so that you can build page your ways.

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