OpenCart 2 new features

We are here to give you, the OpenCart lovers great news: OpenCart version 2.0 (OpenCart 2.0) has been released on October 1, 2014 after a long time for refinement as you might know. And here are the most 10 exited new features come in the new version of Opencart.

Opencart theme promotion

Our 2 hard working months of re-designing and optimizing our entire is over, we can call it DONE although there are several things to be improved but in general the profound foundation is set. We officially announce the new design of

Fantastic Opencart themes for your ecommerce

When start or improve an ecommerce site, it’s important to define which platform is better, more suitable with your business model and which theme to base on. For platform, OpenCart is a good selection, want to know why ? check out the Why Opencart is the best choice for your online business blog post. For theme, it’s definitely a difficult job, we will help you with a list of FANTASTIC Multi-purpose Opencart themes that allows you to build a complex ecommerce site and extend its design in no time based on supported layouts, pre-made styles and typos and a lot of modules.

PavoQueen responsive opencart theme preview

Today we would like to announce the preview of Pavo QueenBeaty, a responsive multiple purposes OpenCart theme for Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, etc.

The multiple purposes theme for Opencart is highlighted with brilliant design and smooth animation, effect. UX is another great thing about the theme, we focus on how users feel and behave with your site, the design is clean, not all info of product is shown by default, its shown when users expect to see. Pav QueenBeauty is friendly with Search engines, everything such as CSS, JS is optimized so that the performance of your online store will be improved a lot. With a lot of Pav modules supported by default, it will save you time and money.

Opencart is the best choice for online business

OpenCart is an open source ecommerce software used to build online stores and run your ecommerce business cost effectively. Simply install, select template, add product and you are ready to start accepting orders.

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