PavoQueen responsive opencart theme preview

Today we would like to announce the preview of Pavo QueenBeaty, a responsive multiple purposes OpenCart theme for Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, etc.

The multiple purposes theme for Opencart is highlighted with brilliant design and smooth animation, effect. UX is another great thing about the theme, we focus on how users feel and behave with your site, the design is clean, not all info of product is shown by default, its shown when users expect to see. Pav QueenBeauty is friendly with Search engines, everything such as CSS, JS is optimized so that the performance of your online store will be improved a lot. With a lot of Pav modules supported by default, it will save you time and money.

Opencart is the best choice for online business

OpenCart is an open source ecommerce software used to build online stores and run your ecommerce business cost effectively. Simply install, select template, add product and you are ready to start accepting orders.

Christmas is comming very soon

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responsive opencart framework


Since the first version of Pav Framework was released, we got very good comments from users, they also gave us lots of suggestions and expectations for the framework. Pav Framework version 2.0 is out to improve its past version with numbers of new features. Here are the reasons why Pav Framework version 2.0 will be a bomb.

OpenCart is a powerful, open source shopping cart system that is designed feature rich and user friendly. It is great solution if you want to have an online store. In this blog post, we would like to guide you how to install Opencart 1.5 quickstart, Opencart modules and Opencat themes.

We will use Pav Bike Opencart theme - a great free responsive Opencart theme provided by Pavothemes.

Install Opencart 1.5 Quickstart

opencart quickstart installation

Pavothemes delivers quickstart package with every Opencart theme. The quickstart package includes Opencart, Pav theme, Pav module and sample data. Once you install the quickstart, you will have a site like our demo site.

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