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OpenCart 2.0 compatibility upgrade plan

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Opencart 2.0 upgrade plan

Dear value customers,

We would like to announce our plan, roadmap for Opencart 2.0 compatibility upgrade. OpenCart 2.0 comes out with tons of improvement and new features →, and we are all excited with the news. We have been working hard to figure out the changes and find the best solution to upgrade our products to be compatible with the latest version and we get success on that. Pavo Framework is now fully compatible with OpenCart 2.0 and we are working to upgrading themes.

All Opencart themes will be upgraded to OpenCart 2.0. Here is our detail upgrade plan and status.

Let's check our detail upgrade plan:

Opencart Themes - Pavothemes

Name Version Status
Pav Pharmacy 2.0 To Do
Pav FoodGood 2.0 To Do
Pav SportShop 2.0 To Do
Pav Foxs Store 2.0 To Do
Pav Styleshop 2.0 To Do
Pav OneShop 2.0 To Do
Pav NewWines 2.0 To Do
Pav Golfsine 2.0 To Do
Pav Fashion 2.0 To Do
Pav Digital Store 2.0 To Do
Pav Cosmetics 2.0 To Do
Pav Furniture 2.0 To Do
Pav Floral 2.0 To Do
Pav Clothes 2.0 To Do
Pav Food Store 2.0 To Do
Pav Dress Store 2.0 To Do
Pav Music Store 2.0 To Do
Pav BestBuy 2.0 To Do
Pav Books 2.0 To Do
Pav Towner 2.0 To Do
Pav Electronics 2.0 To Do
Pav Decor 2.0 To Do
Pav Store 2.0 To Do
Pav Glasses 2.0 To Do

Opencart Themes - ThemeLexus

Name Version Status
Lexus Haircare 2.0 WIP
Lexus Exist Combo 2.0 To Do
Lexus Shopping Pro 2.0 To Do
Lexus Maxxshop 2.0 To Do
Lexus BagsStore 2.0 To Do
Lexus GentShop 2.0 To Do
Lexus BigShop 2.0 To Do
Lexus Line 2.0 To Do
Lexus Market 2.0 To Do
Lexus SuperStore 2.0 To Do
Lexus PowerGame 2.0 To Do
Lexus YourStyle 2.0 To Do
Lexus Next Store 2.0 To Do
Lexus NewTrend 2.0 To Do
Lexus Babeshop 2.0 To Do
Lexus Active Time 2.0 To Do
Lexus Stores 2.0 To Do
Lexus Royal 2.0 To Do
Lexus GiftStore 2.0 To Do
Lexus HappyCook 2.0 To Do
Lexus Mobile 2.0 To Do
Lexus Mega Shop 2.0 To Do

Opencart Extensions

Name Version Status
Pavo Framework 3.0 Done
Pavo Megamenu 2.0 Done
Pavo LayerSlider 2.0 Done
Pavo Carousel 2.0 Done
Pavo Blog 2.0 Done
Pavo Product Tabs 2.0 Done
Pavo Banner Management 2.0 WIP
Pavo Vertical Megamenu 2.0 To Do
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