Updates: 30 Opencart themes updated for Opencart 2.3

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30 opencart themes updated to opencart 2.3

Hi guys,

Opencart 2.3 was released with lots of improvements (check out its changelog for more detail: Opencart 2.3 changelog). Since its big update so our team started working on the updates and today, we would like to announce that, 30 Opencart themes are updated for Opencart 2.3.

Opencart Themes - Pavothemes

Name Version Status
Pav Sunbox 2.3.0
Pav Shopspa 2.3.0
Pav Clickshop 2.3.0
Pav Bigmart 2.3.0
Pav Lines 2.3.0
Pav Woosa 2.3.0
Pav Basic 2.3.0
Pav Wines 2.3.0
Pav Titanium 2.3.0
Pav Silkshop 2.3.0
Pav Brave 2.3.0
Pav Minimo 2.3.0
Pav ExtremeShop 2.3.0
Pav Flashshop 2.3.0
Pav Plaza 2.3.0
Pav Beat 2.3.0
Pav Beeshop 2.3.0
Pav Digital Store 2.3.0
Pav Styleshop 2.3.0
Pav Shopping Office 2.3.0
Pav Decor 2.3.0
Pav Floral 2.3.0
Pav Fashion 2.3.0
Pav Golfsines 2.3.0
Pav Beauty Store 2.3.0

We are working hard to update more themes, if your theme is not listed here in this list, be patient.

You can now upgrade your site to the new version but please make sure you take full backup of your site before upgrading. Here is the release details:


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