Pav FlashSale Module Documentation

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The OpenCart theme is developed with Pavo Framework Opencart 3, SASS - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, it integrates Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, supports HTML5 and CSS3. The menu system is powerful with FlashSale and Off-canvas.

Our theme also supports many modules that will help you save time and money to build a full functionality E-commerce website. One of the most popular modules is Pav FlashSale module. Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the Pav FlashSale module.

Pav FlashSale Module Introduction

This Free Opencart 3 Sale Promotion helps you boost your special sale campaigns by creating multiple attractive sale offers and countdown timer. Flexibility create content, effects, layouts, style, set amounts discount, ... to increase conversion rate for your store.

Moreover, this module is highly compatible with any Opencart Theme 3.x, multiple languages, multiple stores. As a results, you can install this module for your theme with ease.


  • Ease to Install via installer and modifycation.
  • Eye-catching flash sale page.
  • Setup discount percentage and fixed discount amount.
  • Easily set start time/date and expired time/date countdown timer.
  • Unlimited customization
  • Override templates layout supports.
  • List/Grid product flash sale layouts
  • Support multiple languages and RTL languages
  • Support multiple stores
  • Countdown timer
  • Share flash sale collection on Social network

The instruction is to help you with installation of the Pav FlashSale module.

Download Module

To download Pav FlashSale module, please go to the link: Pav FlashSale Module and click on "Download" button:

Once the download is complete, unzip the file and you would see: and guide, license

Module Installation

Before you install this module:

  1. Make sure you have installed and running the correct version of OpenCart: OpenCart 3.x
  2. Take a FULL BACKUP for your site if you need

Steps to install Pav FlashSale Module manually:

Installation of the Pav FlashSale module is very simple:

Step 1 - You just need to go to the Admin -> Extensions -> Installer then click to button upload and select file for starting upload

Step 2 - When the upload is completed, please go to Extensions -> Modifications to refresh modifycation.

Step 3 - After that under Extensions -> Extensions -> Modules, install the Pav FlashSale module like this way.

Step 4 - After clicking on edit option below page will open. Here Admin can set the Pav FlashSale configuration as per their need.

Step 5 - You access Catalog -> Products then select any products you want and click on "Edit" button

In here, you navigate to "Special" tab and select Date Start and Date End for the product.

Step 6 - After that under Extensions -> Extensions -> Modules, navigate to Pav MegaMenu module and click on Edit button

In Pav MegaMenu module, please add title and URL:

When setup is done, it's time to check how the module works in the front-end. In the front-end, navigate to MegaMenu and click on "Flash Sale" tab, it will open to Flash Sale page as the screenshot below:

In here, you will see all sale products with different time/date sale in one page. Display a number of sold sale for each products. Moreover, you can also "add to cart", "add a wishlist", "compare", ... on product you want.

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