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There are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the Pavo Theme Control Panel Module

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Pav Theme Control Panel

Pav Theme Control Panel is the module on Opencart Theme.

That is a the most important module to control your theme. It can help you customize,configure your theme very easily and flexiblely, you can make a new nices theme as expected in very short time.

In this blog post, we would like to guide you how to configure Pav Theme Control Panel In Opencart Shop.

We will use Pav Foodstore Opencart theme - a great responsive Opencart theme provided by Pavothemes  like example.


Download module Pav Theme Control Panel and extract drop into your project folder, then log into the admin page to install:

Goto admin page -> extensions -> module and click Install

Then Click Edit to configure module.

Go to General Tab

The general tab allows you to configure the skin theme, copyright,enable some configurations


1. Skin Setting

Select a skin that you want the current style applies. Each skin goes with one style.

2. Copyright

Pavo Themes allows you to select your copyright when you purchase our theme with developer version. Choose yes on Enable Custom Copyright. Filling informations you want in textbox

Now, let's see how front-end looks like.

3. Some configure

4. Development Mode

Enable Development is option for developer and less is used to instead of css. ! Important, all css files will be replaced by new files which generate from less.

5. Template Layout Setting

Goto Pages Setting Tab

1. Category-Listing Products

2. Product

Create Custom Tab

let's see how front-end looks like.

3. Contact

Contact help you create more contact informations in contact us page 

let's see Front-end Appearance

Goto Font Tab

Are you bored of standard fonts? Want to use cool Google fonts but you don't want to edit any code? With Font tab it's as easy as it can be, just select the font you like and that's it! And we support almost popular Google fonts!

Font size: You can select the size of font. It is the size of body font

Enable Customize Font: Enable to customize font by yourseft.

Font Setting: Choose font you want. you can choose standard font or google font.

Body Selector: Put CSS Selector you want to apply font from font setting. Example: body, h1, h4 ....


Please watch Video Tutorial to learn how to customize your font with Pav Theme Control Panel Module!


Goto Internal Module Tab

Internal Modules supports by pavo framework and need not install, put on postions as opencart module.This tab help you configure some module internal.

Goto Modules-Layout Tab

Each Layouts have a lot of modules. Modules-Layout help you see and configure position of modules you want to show on each Layouts

Drag and drop modules to Update Modules on expected Positions. And to sort theirs orders. This feature only supports for modules developed by pavothemes or modules improved below positions.

Note  update position and sort orders of modules could not work smoothly for modules having more than 2 instances in same page layout

Goto Compression Tab

Compression Feature allows to speed up webstore by merging, compressing js,css files. All cached files are stored in folder system/cache/pavo-assets/.
To clear cached you click to button CLEAR appearning Right Of this Screen

Enable Compress css: Select a compress mode you want

Exclude Css files in Merge and Compress: Put name of css files you don't want to compress and merge

Goto Customization Tab

That help you create a beautiful theme for yourseft with unlimited colours, easy to use, powerful tool. We have two way to you

Live Tools Customizing Theme

Unlimited colours – You can change this theme’s colours via easy to use colour picker in your admin panel. Create your unique, very own theme in no time! This theme comes with its own, very powerful yet easy to use options panel.

Powerful option panel which allows you to change not only elements colours, but also change theme’s backgrounds, upload your own full size image background or your own pattern!


In fact, you can control the colour of over 20 groups of elements. Set the colours for paragraphs, headers, links etc, create your own, unique theme! Watch video tutorial to know more.

Video Tutorial

Creat Css or Java Script

This is advanced feature for who having knowledge of CSS Language. You put css rules in below.
Css code store in file PAV_YOURTHEME/stylesheet/local/custom.css.

Please be careful to add Java Script

Thank you for reading!

We hope you can create the best website with our modules.

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