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THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING OUR THEME! Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the PavTheme, BEFORE WE GO The theme and the sample data is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work on a $50-100 hourly rate only with Paypal and/or Skrill, if PavTheme's available. If you are new to Opencart, please understand I cannot fix your site for free. PavTheme would love to help everyone but there is no time. I suggest reading documentation available online regarding using Opencart, server requirements, etc. Thank you! PavTheme Team

OpenCart Themes Development

Pavo Opencart Theme Framework build in Twitter Bootstrap. One word about Bootstrap is "sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development". Bootstrap provide you CSS and JavaScript to control the presentation of content in HTML. Bootstrap also provides the default settings for typography, tables, forms, and buttons. Bootstrap also provides components (navigation bars, pagers, and progress bars) as well as scriptable widgets (tooltips, tabs, and picture carousels), to name just a few things.Since Bootstrap is all CSS and JavaScript you can use Bootstrap with any server technology or development environment. The idea behind Bootstrap is to get a site up and running quickly with a good looking and visually consistent interface..


I. Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will guide you how to install Pavo Theme. There are 2 types of installation: Quickstart installation and Manual Installation.

II. System Requirement

Your systems meet the following requirements before proceeding the installation

1. Server Requirement



Web Server:

2. Browser Requirement

3. Development Environment

During development process, Localhost is preferred. You can use the following servers in your PC to develop your site.



Mac OS

III. Download

Goto our website :

Choose theme you like then click purchase to download

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IV. Quickstart Installation

Extract file you download

Goto folder quickstart and extract file here

This example, i will select to install in localhost use xampp server

Copy folder quickstart you have just extracted  to \xampp\htdocs\ (htdocs folder for Xampp / www folder for Wamp) or upload them into your sub-domain folder on your live site.

Then open your favorite browser and type in the address bar localhost/pav_foodstore_quickstart for localhost or for your live site sub-domain, then hit Enter

Enter some informations like image

Create database

Goto localhost\phpmyadmin >> database tab > enter database name then click create

Finish your install remeber delete folder "Install" in the root folder

Great, the installation is all done. Let's open the font-end page and back-end page.

V. Manual Installation

In manual installation you must download opencart version you want and installation fresh site (example: we use opencart 1.5.6).

Step 1: Install Theme

Now we install Pav Foodstore theme to the fresh site.

- Extract and copy the content (all files and folders) of the folder pav_foodstore_theme_oc1.5.6  into root folder of opencart site. ( because we use opencart 1.5.6 that is the fresh site so we must extract the same version 1.5.6 theme)

- After copy all files and folders. Go to admin page of the opencart fresh theme. Choose system and select settings

- Select edit

- Open Store tab. Choose template theme pav_foodstore then click save

- Go back opencart 1.5.6 fresh site and see the theme pav_foodstore will be applied

It's only the theme change. Next we guide you how to install modules and data sample to the theme

Step 2: Install Module

Goto module folder and extract file modules.

Copy the content (all files and folders ) of each modules into the root folder of opencart site.

Go to admin page of the opencart theme --> choose extensions tab --> select modules

install pav modules you have just copied

Click Edit beside Pavo Theme Control Panel to configure data sample of theme.

Some modules not need to install you can uninstall or disable modules by click them and choose disable. After install all sample data. You must click save.

All manual will be done. Now let's check font-page




1. Overview

In Pav Opencart Framework, it supports multiple layouts - positions that allows you to display any kind of content. We ensures that you can convert any complex web design to theme easily.Each layout is built up from multiple hooks, each hooks can contain one or many blocks. And your content is in the block. And you can change blocks in each position easily with the feature: Visual Layout, a very powerful feature that let you drag and drop for updating,  sorting modules in positions.

That are the all blocks of pavothemes.

Blocks with pink colour are positions with modules arranged inside example showcase, slideshow, footer ... that can add a lot of columns and auto split them to some parts. Each parts of block can be added one modules

Blocks with blue colour are position with modules arranged in vertical layout.

2. Layout configuration

Visual Layout Customization

The feature allows you to customize layout easily. The visual layout in back-end has same structure in front-end. You can also drag to move any block in any position to any other hook, you can also change position of blocks in each position.

To customize positions of the modules on each layout you can use Pavo Theme Control Panel ~> Modules-Layouts

Drag and drop modules to Update Modules on expected positions. And to sort theirs orders.

Note: This feature only supports for modules developed by pavothemes or modules improved below positions.

Set value of column

You can set value of columns on each block Auto split Columns (default is auto split)

Example: Block showcase of Pav_foodstore theme with 3 modules and it auto split three columns and one column has value = 4.

All file template in folder common

Default code of header.tpl file

Preview example: Default auto split on pav_foodstore theme

Each blocks always divide to 12 values. It mean the max of columns or max of modules you can set in one block are 12 with each column have 1 value.

Editing code from file "header.tpl" to customize showcase block. Divide showcase to 3 columns with another value of each columns


After editing you can see the change of value on each columns.



Pavo Theme integrates Bootstrap, developed with LESS. So when you develop your site, you use the LESS files to customize, style ....We build responsive premium Opencart themes that are simple to use and customize. Every themes comes with the Pavo framework, Visual Modules Control, MegaMenu...



1. Customize Folder

Folder help you  customize the Live theme editor or you can create customize here


 Example default code





2. Less folder

The most important folder is: Less: The folder contains all LESS files that are used to develop your site, the LESS files can be compiled to CSS files.

- Bootstrap folder

Contain all default LESS file of bootstrap, so you shouldn't edit them.

- Opencart folder

That folder contain a lot of LESS files that you can create and develop theme from here.


Less file example


3. Libs folder

Contain all library php files.


Pavo Base Opencart Theme

We are proud to announce the next release of our Pav Opencart Framework, version 1.1. This release coincides with the new version of Opencart released which is version 1.5.x The Framework built in Bootstrap framework 3, HTML5 and Css3. It is developed with many features such as Drag and Drop tools to update or sort modules - positions, Custom Fonts, Skins Changer, Responsive Feature, Mega Menu... It is as great solution for developer to develop themes more flexible, professional and save a lot of time. Let check what are included?

About Pavo Opencart Framework


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