Pav MegaMenu Guide


Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the Pav MegaMenu Module,

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Pav Megamenu Module

A Rick Menu Opencart Module to Display Any Thing You Want.

If you want to improve your online store usability and navigation, Opencart Mega Menu Module is exactly what you need. It offers the most effective way to organize the products and categories.

A Module (with simple configuration panel, rich front-end features functionality) is to create menu top and left for your Opencart Store website,. With simple and friendly configuration panel, Pav Mega Menu Opencar Module allows user to configure it easily.

We will use Pav Glasses Opencart theme - a great free responsive Opencart theme provided by Pavothemes.

Megamenu Front-End

Adding custom menu with many type dropdown option:


Click here to check MegaMenu Demo


I. Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial on how to install Megamenu

Pavothemes includes the fantastic Megamenu in an additional module called Pav MegaMenu.The Megamenu module comes with a custom admin interface through which you can create powerfull Menu. No coding is required. Follow these steps to create a module:

II. Install

Install and enable the module Extensions > Modules > Pav MegaMenu.

1. Manager Mega Menu Items


Create New Mega Menu:

by choose tab Manage Mega Menu Items (1). After all select some options by click button (2)


A. Module Assignment (3)

B. Tree Megamenu Management (4)

Display all menu items in here.

You can edit or delete item by click icon in this image.

Additional, to sort orders or set parent-child, you can drag and drop expected menu, then click Update button to save


C. Create New Megamenu

Choose Language tab to fill exactly language you want to display in front-end. If you don't configure one of languages tab, Mega menu title in front-end will be blank when you choose that language.

Menu information

Menu Type


Menu Params

2. Manage Widgets

Manage Widgets Tab help you create new widgets or edit delete current widgets. Widgets help you create wonderful megamenu.

Use Widget to inset into your megamenu.

Click Create Widget to create new widget.

Widget Types: select widget types you want to create. A lot of choice for you.Example: image , video code, product ...

Widget Name: set widget name

Fill all information you want,then click Save to create new widget.

3. Live MegaMenu Editor

It is powerful and easy tool of pavotheme to create specialty and flexibility megamenu without coding.

Create new sub Menu

Click titile menu you want to add submenu, popup Sub Menu Setting will be appeared.


Create new columns and insert Widget

when you click on new column (1) , popup "Column Setting" (3) and "Widget Setting" (2) will be displayed

Widget Setting (2): select widget that was created by Manager Widget then click Insert to insert widget in column

Column Setting (3):

Finish Setting

After configure all setting you can click button:

Front-end Appearance

Save new MegaMenu. Go back your site then reload and see new MegaMenu


We hope you can customize the best menu you want.

Thank you for reading!

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