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  2. Demo
  3. Download & Upgrade-Install
  4. Module Configuration
    1. 1.1 Menu Type = Category
    2. 1.2 Menu Type = HTML
    3. 1.3 Menu Type = URL
    4. 1.4 Menu Type = Product
    5. 1.5 Menu Type = Information
    6. 1.6 Menu Type = Manufacturer
    7. 2.1 Menu Group Option
    8. 2.2 example

Pav MegaMenu Module Guide

THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING OUR THEME! Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the PavTheme, BEFORE WE GO The theme and the sample data is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work on a $50-100 hourly rate only with Paypal and/or Skrill, if PavTheme's available. If you are new to Opencart, please understand I cannot fix your site for free. PavTheme would love to help everyone but there is no time. I suggest reading documentation available online regarding using Opencart, server requirements, etc. Thank you! PavTheme Team


1. Demo1

2. Demo2

3. Demo3

4. Demo4

Download & Upgrade-Install

Load module megamenu and extract drop into your project folder, then log into the admin to install:

Module Configuration

When the module is installed successfully, click on Edit to configuration

1. Create New Megamenu

Note: Lof Mega Menu module supports multiple types of menu (6 types in total).

Each type of menu will give you different configuration and outlook. Let see the configuration and outlook of each menu type.

1.1 Menu Type = Category

1.2 Menu Type = HTML

1.3 Menu Type = URL

1.4 Menu Type = Product

1.5 Menu Type = Information

1.6 Menu Type = Manufacturer

2. Sub-menu Item Config

2.1 Menu Group Option

a. Group = No

This option is to not group sub-menus in front-end

Front-end appearance

b. Group = Yes

This option is to group sub-menus in front-end

Front-end appearance

2.2 example

a. Demo3

Front-end appearance

b. demo4

Front-end appearance