Pav Store Guide

THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING OUR THEME! Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the PavTheme, BEFORE WE GO The theme and the sample data is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work on a $50-100 hourly rate only with Paypal and/or Skrill, if PavTheme's available. If you are new to Opencart, please understand I cannot fix your site for free. PavTheme would love to help everyone but there is no time. I suggest reading documentation available online regarding using Opencart, server requirements, etc. Thank you! PavTheme Team

The Quickstart Package consists on a complete Opencart! + Template + Various Extensions + Sample Content, excellent for beginner users to explore back-end settings and sample content. Installing the Quickstart is just like installing Opencart!, but you will have the full demo of the theme on your server. Once your environment is ready, follow this quick guide:


Goto Admin > System > settings

select store > edit

select Store tabs


Config image

1. Please unzip package Modules and upload the folder admin,catalog ...  from the Module package to the root directory of your Opencart software using an FTP client.

2. Go to Admin > Extensions > Modules . Find and install it or uninstall


Module Using in Pav_bikestore theme

Go to "Theme control panel" Module  to install data sample(applies only when installing theme)

Click "Override" Action  or other Action to install data sample

PAV Theme Control Pannel

goto admin > Extensions > Modules

edit Theme Control Pannel

Tab Modules- Layouts

Pav MegaMenu (reference:


goto admin > Extensions > Modules

install and Edit  Pav MegaMenu

Configuration like images


goto admin > Extensions > Modules

Edit  Pav Layers Sliders Module

Configuration like images

1. Slider Group Create New

2. Slider Group Edit

3. Manages Sliders

a. Create and edit Sliders:

b. Export Group And Sliders(click this to download file export)

C. Import file Sliders


goto admin > Extensions > Modules

install and edit Pav Products - Category Block Module

Configuration like images

After you have completed the information click the save button

install and edit Pav Custom Module

Add module

Configuration like images:

a. Image1


<p><img alt="" src="image/data/banner1.jpg" /></p>

b. Image2


<p><img alt="" src="image/data/banner1.jpg" /></p>

c. Image3


<p><img alt="" src="image/data/banner1.jpg" /></p>



install and edit category Module

Configuration like images :

Footer Center Position

1. Social Module



    <li class="facebook"><a href="#">facebook</a></li>
    <li class="dribbble"><a href="#">dribbble</a></li>
    <li class="google-plus"><a href="#">google plus</a></li>

    <li class="twitter"><a href="#">twitter</a></li>
    <li class="vimeo"><a href="#">vimeo</a></li>
    <li class="email"><a href="#">email</a></li>
    <li class="rss"><a href="#">RSS</a></li>

2. Newsletter Module



<p><strong style="color:#efefef;">Sign Up for Our Newsletter:</strong></p>

<p>Get the word out Share this page with your friends and family. Enter your email address...</p>

<div class="newsletter-submit"><input alt="username" class="inputbox" name="email" size="31" type="text" value="Type your email" /><input class="button" name="Submit" type="submit" value="Sign up" /></div>

<p><img alt="" src="image/data/paypal.png" /></p>


Configuration :