Pav Blog Module Guide

This is Suitable for every type of store having blogs and news. It’s extremely customizable, easy to manage and flexible layout

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OpenCart is a powerful, open source shopping cart system that is designed feature rich and user friendly. It is great solution if you want to have an online store. In this blog post, we would like to guide you how to install Pavo Blog In Opencart Shop.

We will use Pav Bike Opencart theme - a great free responsive Opencart theme provided by Pavothemes.

What are features ?

  • In front end having 3 layout: listing blogs layout, category blogs layout, blog layout
  • Support Multiple Comment Engines: Local, Diquis and Facebook Comment. With Local Comment you manage comments in backend
  • Support Tag Clouds and Filter by Tag
  • Improved Social Share Blog
  • Listing Blogs By Related Tag, And In Same category
  • Support Rss for Category
  • Rick SEO Support Via Keyword URL and Meta Keyword, Meta Description
  • Very Easy To Install Via
  • Support Multiple Tree Category and Very Easy to manage: only one page to manage all
  • Easy to quick access links to manage blog, category, comments
  • Easy to customize code and override layout
  • And many features 'd love to research by you

1. Listing Blog: Category Page And Listing Blog By Tag

Demo In CityMart Theme | Demo In Glasses Theme

1. Blog Page Item

Demo Blog Page In CityMart Theme

Install Module

1 Please extract the then upload into your project via FTP

2 Then access backend / modules and install all following modules

  • Pav Blog Management
  • Pav Blog Category Module
  • Pav Blog Latest Comment Module
  • Pav Blog Latest Module

The first step, then you click Edit button of Pav Blog Management that the module automatic create database and install datasample.

Manage Categories Menu

You click to Icon Category in dashboard page or in toolbar of inner page

Manage Tree Menu Of Category

Edit: Click To Edit icon in each menu item. Its data will be showed the category form. To save the data. you click to button Save, or Save and Edit

Delete: Click to Delete icon to delete expected item.

Sort Category And Upate Parent: Simple, you click on menu item then move up - move up it in the list to update position. You move left or move right to update parent and level. Then click to butto Update to save data

Category Form

You Click button Edit then data of this category will be show in the form,

Manage Blog

Listing Blog Management

Edit Blog Management

Module Setting

General Setting

Blog - Larg Image Dimension: This image is biggest image,it may be used in blog page

Blog - Small Image Dimension: This image is Small image,it may be used in Listing Blog page

Blog - Small Image Dimension: This image is XSmall image,it may be used in Modules

Limit Blog In Rss: Set Limit Blogs Show In Rss

Keyword: Seo Keyword is using for listing blog page by tags or get last blog: for example links: or

Category Setting

Children Column: Column to show sub categories of parent

Category Image Dimension: Set width and height of category image in show in each column

Limit leading Blogs:Set Limit Blogs Show in Leading Box

Limit Secondary Blogs: Set Limit Blogs Show In Secondary Box. You set limit of both that is limit blogs showing the category blog page

Leading Image Types: Select A Image Type In Leading

Secondary Image Types: Select A Image Type In Secondary

Column Leading Blogs: Set Column in leading box

Column Secondary Blogs: Set Column in secondary box

Blog Setting

Blog Image Type: Select Type Of Image Show ing blog page

Comment Engine : Select One in there comment engines: Local, Facebook , Diquis

Setup SEO For Module

Enter Keyword Using In SEO URLs

the keyword should be lower case, no special character, no space, no duplicate with other

Implement PHP Code to help this module working when SEO enabled

Option 1: If you do not have any change for original SEO of opencart. Meaning you do not install any SEO Module, or do not have change in file catalog/controller/comment/seo_url.php ( this is core file to hanld SEO). Please do steps as following:

Option 2: If your project was modified Opencart SEO, you must make sure that which file is proessing SEO function. Example it is processing in catalog/controller/common/seo_url.php do implement code as following:

Update SEO For Version 1.0

1) SEO is avairiable from version 1.1

2) To Update version 1.0 to version 1.1:

Please execute:

ALTER TABLE `oc_pavblog_blog` ADD `keyword` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL;'

ALTER TABLE `oc_pavblog_category` ADD `keyword` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL;

Please change table prefix if your store do not use oc_