How to install OpenCart 3 step-by-step guide with screenshots

Opencart 3 was released and got very good comments from community thanks to new features and improvements implemented in this version. In this tutorial, we will show step-by-step guide to install Opencart 3 on localhost (you can also use it to install on a live server). The guide will give you right track of using the powerful shopping cart system.

Install OpenCart step-by-step guide

This guide is created using OpenCart, and it is the same for installing older or upcoming Opencart 3 versions.

Download latest Opencart 3 package

Step 1: Go to Opencart download page and download the newest OpenCart 3 version.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file to a folder in your computer and navigate to the “upload” folder.

Step 3: Rename the following files:

  • “config-dist.php” to “config.php”.
  • “admin/config-dist.php” to “admin/config.php”.

Please make sure the files are writable

Step 4: Make the following files and directories writable:

  • system/storage/cache/
  • system/storage/logs/
  • system/storage/download/
  • system/storage/upload/
  • system/storage/modification/
  • image/
  • image/cache/
  • image/catalog/
  • config.php
  • admin/config.php

Install Opencart 3

Run Opencart 3 installation wizard by accessing the “upload” folder. The address should look like this: http://localhost/

#1. License Agreement

The first step is the License Agreement, you can select language and select “Continue” to go to next step.

#2. Pre-installation

This page gives you overview about the status of the system, if everything is ready, hit “Continue”.

#3: database configuration

Access your MYSQL to create database, the link could be: http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

Use the database info to update into the database configuration of Opencart 3 installation.

#4: your Opencart 3 installation is almost done.

Remove or rename the “install” folder for security purpose

You can view your Opencart 3 site front-end and back-end.

Access your Opencart 3 admin page with the info you added in the step 3.

#5. Move “storage” folder outside of the web directory

To move “storage” folder outside of the web directory, you can select “Automatic” or “Manually Move”, using the detail instructions in the notification.

Once done, your Opencart 3 installation is fully complete, you can start exploring Opencart 3.

To quickly setup a full shopping cart website based on Opencart 3, you can use Free or Premium Opencart 3 themes and Opencart 3 extensions.

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