Introducing all new Framework for Opencart 3 – Pav Opencart 3 Theme Framework

Today we are so happy to announce release of our all new Framework for Opencart 3 – Pav Theme Framework. The Opencart 3 Framework is designed to help developer and users manage their Opencart based shop websites easier based on advanced built-in functionalities, using new technologies, clean and lean codebase, performance optimization and ease of customization.

1. Page Builder & Header Builder

Pav page builder is one of the best page builder for Opencart. It is rebuilt to work better in Opencart 3 using new technologies. The Page Builder for Opencart 3 allows you to build page layouts the ways you want.

1.1 Integrates 50+ widgets

The Opencart 3 page builder supports over 50 widgets by default and more to come to help you build content with ease. Every widget is tested to fully compatible with Opencart 3. The widgets have friendly configuration panel for easy to use.

1.2 Responsive configuration

Pav theme framework is responsive opencart theme framework based on powerful Bootstrap 3 responsive grid system. The page builder has responsive configuration to help user configure display of every single block in specific responsive layout.

1.3 Easy and flexible

Build page is never easier with Pav page builder, adding row, configure number of columns in 1 row, assign widgets to column and you are done. For advanced purpose, there are settings for row and column. There are more options to help you do more with our opencart page builder.

2. Powerful Opencart theme control panel

Pav Opencart 3 theme framework comes with powerful, intuitive and friendly theme control panel with all core features built-in helps you with store configuration and customization.

2.1 Built-in functionalities

In order to help user manage their Opencart site easier, we build variety of options: skin setting, header setting, category layout, product layout and more.

2.2 Sample data installation

1-click to get a replication of our theme demo site on your website with same content, graphics, theme settings & layouts.

2.3 Theme Customization

The idea is, we want to give power of customization for normal user, not only developer. The theme customizer was made then, it is real time theme customizer to customize theme in your Opencart site with predefined parameters.

2.4 Custom CSS & JS

No need to search for correct CSS and JS file to customize, the Opencart framework provide option to customize CSS and JS directly in the back-end. There are 2 fields: CSS and JS, the custom codes added in the fields will have highest priority in loading so it will override same coding from other files.

2.5 Theme Settings

More options are built-in in the “Theme Settings” panel to configure theme: products, images size.

2.6 Import & Export

This tool is to help install, backup, restore data for theme, modules

3. Technologies

Pav Opencart 3 Theme Framework is developed with modern web technologies, focus on coding quality & performance.

  • Bootstrap 3 integration
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • Font Awesome 4

4. High coding quality and performance

Our first priority in developing the framework is that, it will help improve your site performance. We understand the importance of performance, when implement any feature, option, we always have to check if that feature, option is really important to user or not and if it will affect site performance.

Clean and lean codebase

We create clear structure inside our themes and clean code to keep the themes light but full functionality.

CSS & JS optimization

Our CSS & JS files are all optimized and compressed to improve performance.

Cross-browser support

Our OpenCart themes are fully compatible with all modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

SEO optimization

We provide best solutions for SEO optimization, this will make your site friendly with Search Engines and help you with online marketing.

5. More than just responsive

Pav Theme Framework is responsive at core using Bootstrap 3 responsive grid system, it is also optimized to have good performance in mobile. Creating a fully responsive OpenCart website now becomes simple as we already did all the work for you.

6. Extensions & Themes Store

All free and premium Pavothemes Opencart 3 themes and extensions will be available in the “Products Managements” panel where you can select and active any extension to use on the site.

That’s the overview about our all new Opencart 3 Framework, we are working hard to building more Opencart themes based on the new framework. You can get update from our new Opencart 3 themes from HERE.

New Opencart 3 themes

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