Launching Opencart Custom Work Services

Hello 2015. This year we working to improve our customer service, bring more benefit to our members, we are launching Opencart Custom Work Services to help our members to finish their projects on time and with assured quality. To make sure we can handle the custom work, we limit custom requests of 10 requests a day.

Please note that all tickets within the support scope are attended for free by our support team. The major issues such as customization or new feature request that are out of support scope will be politely refused. To cater to such demands of our members we are offering custom services at additional cost

Why you should choose our Opencart Custom Work Services?

  • Help members finish their projects on time.
  • Provide options to members for requests beyond product support scope.
  • Decrease the project / product abandon rate due to lack of available services.

Our available services:

  • Quickstart Installation – FREE for members
  • Manual Installation of themes and extensions
  • Custom Work: We will help you with any Opencart stuff such as:
    • Layout customization
    • Conflict resolution (JS and CSS)
    • Feature request
  • Upgrade to Opencart 2.0 (only if your site uses Pavothemes themes)
  • Full site development: We help you build complete site as your request

We do hope the services will help you make your own site, your project on time and as your expectation.

Order Custom Work Service Now!

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