Pav Minimo – Perfect Opencart 2.0 theme for Fashion, Gift, Shoes, Bags store and Jewelry store. Its built with the best Drag and Drop Page Builder to create layout your way in some simple clicks. The Page Builder includes 50+ widget types and 17 Opencart extensions by default to make sure you can build any content for your site without 3rd extension. Pav Minimo is fully responsive and its Google mobile friendly ready, your site will be well displayed in all devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. The Retina ready makes your product attractive in Tablet and Mobile.

The powerful Opencart theme comes with amazing 8 sample sites, each sample site use different layout, you can create new layouts based pre-made ones. You can customize the theme and your site style with Live Theme Editor, based on tons of pre-defined parameters such as: Background image, background color, Font size, font family, padding, margin, etc, everything becomes so simple, you don’t have to deal with coding.

Pav Minimo supports 3 menu systems: Megamenu, Verital Megamenu and Off-canvas Menu on collapsed screens: Tablet and Mobile to help you create flexible navigation system, make your site easy for user to travel around. The SEO optimization with: rich snippets, clean and well structured code base, mobile friendly, CSS + JS compression. The core of the theme is powerful as its built with new web technologies: Bootstrap 3, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, Font Awesome 4.

  • fully responsive design

    Fully responsive design

    The theme is a fully responsive Opencart 2.0 theme that makes your site look great in all devices. It’s also optimized in Mobile and Tablet to make the theme is well performed in those devices.

  • opencart page builder

    Opencart Drag and Drop page builder

    The Opencart Drag and Drop page builder with intuitive back-end UI allows you to build layouts in some simple clicks, move row, column to any place in the layout, assign widget you want to the column, etc.

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  • Opencart Home Page Builder

    50+ Widget types supported by defaul

    The variety of widget types help you create any content for your store, no 3rd extensions required anymore.

  • multiple demo

    8 sample sites

    The Opencart themes supports multiple layouts, we build 8 sample sites based on pre-made layouts, you can build your site even better.

  • one page checkout

    One Page Checkout

    The theme support 1 page check out process that will help your users easier with their purchase, a good feature for an online business store.

  • live theme editor

    Live theme customization

    The magic tool helps you customize any theme and your store style based on pre-defined parameters: background image, font, color, padding, etc so you don’t have to deal with coding.

  • new web technologies

    Powerful cores with new web technologies

    The design/development changes day by day. We make sure all the new web technologies are applied and used in the Opencart theme: Bootstrap 3, SASS, Font Awesome 4, Google Fonts, CSS3, HTML5.

  • retina ready

    Retina Ready

    Its time of mobile, people shop via Mobile more and more, the Retina makes your products attractive in collapsed screens: Mobile and Tablet.

  • seo optimization

    SEO Optimization

    The theme is friendly with search engines that will help you a lot with online marketing.

    • Rich Snippets included
    • Google mobile friendly ready
    • CSS & JS compression
    • Clean and well structured code base
  • flexible layout system

    Flexible layout system

    The theme allows you to display content in any way thanks to the flexible layout system: 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, etc.

  • multilingual

    100% Translation and Multilingual

    Pav Minimo allows you to build your store in any language, its 100% translation, you can also build a multilingual store with unlimited languages.

The Best and Unique Opencart Theme

Unique Design

Our talented designers provide you with best design and always the pioneer of new design trend

Pavo Framework

The best responsive Opencart framework allows you to manage, customize your store easily based on powerful, instuitive and friendly administration panel